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CCML Bylaws and Mission [pdf]
Revised 2018 


  • Jerry Carlson, Chair, Parliamentarian
  • Kristen DeSanto
  • Marie St. Pierre

The Bylaws Committee, in consultation with the Executive Committee, made several revisions to CCML Bylaws which were approved by membership at the Annual Meeting on April 22, 2011. The most significant of these changes involved revising the committee structure such that none, with the sole exception of the Nominating Committee, are named and defined in the bylaws. New references are to Standing and Ad Hoc Committees. CCML often experienced frustration with regard to establishing and disbanding committees because it requires changes to the bylaws to do so. This should make managing committees much more flexible. We made a second, non-bylaws motion to keep current Standing Committees.

A second change involved shifting the fiscal year to July 1 - June 30. This change did not affect the association year which remains at April 1 - March 31. Newly elected officers and committees will assume duties on April 1st as always.

Bylaws Committee

Jerry Carlson, Chair

Kristen Desanto

Bylaws (Revised April 2011)


The name of this association shall be the Colorado Council of Medical Librarians, Incorporated.


The Colorado Council of Medical Librarians (CCML) is an association of individuals involved with information management in the health sciences. Opportunities for professional growth are provided by CCML through networking, education, and organizational participation. By collaborating with other organizations, CCML strives to increase public awareness of, and support for, the profession. CCML monitors developments in health care and information science, and assesses their impact on the profession and its future.


Section 1. Membership Classes

  1. The membership of the association shall consist of four classes: Regular members, Associate members, Student members, and Emeritus members.
  2. Regular members shall be persons who currently work, have previously worked, or intend to work in health sciences librarianship or informatics in academic, hospital, public library, or corporate settings.
  3. Associate members shall be any other persons with an interest in health sciences or informatics or in the association, its goals, and activities, e.g. sales representatives of industry vendors.
  4. Student members shall be persons who are enrolled in a program of librarianship, media, or information science.
  5. Emeritus members shall be former regular members, who are now retired.
  6. Changes in membership classification may be made annually, at the time of renewal.
  7. When assignment of a new member to a category is unclear, the membership category shall be assigned by the membership committee chairperson in consultation with Executive Committee.

Section 2. Rights and Privileges

  1. The voting members of the association shall consist of Regular, Emeritus, and Student members.
  2. Regular and Emeritus members are eligible to hold elective office.
  3. All members may be appointed to committees; only a Regular or Emeritus member may chair a committee.
  4. All members shall receive the Directory of Members, Council Quotes, announcements, and minutes of meetings.

Section 3. Dues

  1. The amount of dues shall be determined by the executive committee, based on the financial needs of the association, and approved by a majority of the members eligible to vote.
  2. Emeritus members shall be exempt from paying dues.
  3. Annual dues shall be payable on receipt of an invoice, before the beginning of each association year.
  4. Applications for membership received during the last six months of the association year pay a portion of the yearly application fee.

Section 4. Membership Application and Approval

  1. Application for membership shall be made to the membership committee chairperson.
  2. Applicants meeting the requirements set forth in Section 1 of this Article of the Bylaws shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership, from the time they pay their dues.

Section 5. Association and Fiscal Years

The association year shall be April 1 through March 31. The fiscal year shall be July 1 through June 30.

ARTICLE IV. Membership Meetings

Section 1. Annual Meeting

The annual meeting shall be held in April each year.

Section 2. Regular Meetings

There shall be a minimum of three (3) meetings each year called by the executive committee in addition to the annual meeting.

Section 3. Special Meetings

At any time in the interval between regular meetings, special meetings may be called by the President, with the approval of the executive committee.

Section 4. Quorum

A quorum of twelve (12) voting members shall be required for the transaction of business. The Secretary will be responsible for determining the presence of a quorum. In the absence of a quorum, all business shall be tabled until a quorum is present; however, reports and announcements may be made for informational purposes.

ARTICLE V. Elected Officers

Section 1. Election and Terms of Office

  1. The elected officers of the association shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall be nominated and elected, as provided in Article VIII of these Bylaws.
  2. Elected officers shall assume office at the end of the annual meeting, and shall serve until a successor has been duly chosen and qualified, or until that member has resigned. The term of office shall be one year, except for the term of Treasurer, which shall be for two consecutive years.
  3. Elected officers shall serve as the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
  4. No officer may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. After serving two consecutive terms, an officer must wait for a period of one year, before being nominated for the same office.

Section 2. Filling Vacated Offices

  1. The President-Elect shall immediately assume the duties of a vacated Presidential office, and shall remain in office for the unexpired term, and through the next association year, which would be the normal term as President.
  2. A special election shall be held, in accordance with Article VIII of these Bylaws, to fill an unexpired term of President-Elect.
  3. The term of office of President-Elect, in that event, shall exceed one year when the previous President-Elect has assumed Presidential responsibility in advance of schedule, but shall be less than one year when filling the office of a resigned President-Elect.
  4. Unexpired terms of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be filled by Presidential appointment.
  5. In the event that no member is willing to serve in an office, the Executive Committee will assume the duties of that office.

Section 3. Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the association, handle external correspondence, and serve as an ex-officio member of standing and ad hoc committees, except the nominating committee. S/he shall receive a stipend determined by the Executive Committee to attend either the MLA or MCMLA Annual Meeting.
  2. The President-Elect shall perform the duties and exercise the functions of the President, during the President's absence or inability to act, shall organize the association's programs, and shall appoint standing and ad hoc committee chairpersons.
  3. The Secretary shall maintain the records of the association, take minutes at meetings, and handle internal correspondence.
  4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all association funds, and shall report the financial status of the association at meetings.

ARTICLE VI. Executive Committee

Section 1. Members

The executive committee shall consist of the following members:

Elected Members:

  • The President, who shall act as chairperson
  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Appointed Members:

  • Chairpersons of all Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

Section 2. Meetings

There shall be a minimum of four (4) meetings each year, called by the President.

Section 3. Duties

The executive committee shall assist with the business of the association, and may incur expenses as described in Article IX of these Bylaws.

ARTICLE VII. Committees and Representatives

Section 1. Establishment and Definitions of Committees

  1. A nominating committee, consisting of a chairperson and at least two (2) members, shall perform the duties outlined in Article VIII of these Bylaws.
  2. The Council as a whole and the executive committee may establish additional standing and ad hoc committees drawn from their members to support the goals of the Council.
  3. Standing committees shall continue until disbanded by the body that established them.
  4. Ad hoc committees shall continue until the achievement of specific goals defined at the time they are established.

Section 2. Appointment of Committee Chairpersons and Members

  1. Chairpersons of continuing committees are appointed by the President-Elect, before the end of the association year, to serve for the following association year. Committee members are appointed by the committee chairperson.
  2. Chairpersons of new committees are appointed by the current President.
  3. A list of standing and ad hoc committee chairpersons and members shall be published annually.
  4. Members of standing committees serve two-year terms.
  5. Chairpersons of standing committees, unless otherwise indicated, serve in that capacity for one year of the two-year committee term.
  6. In the event that an ad hoc committee is responsible for a budget exceeding that of any Standing Committee, the Chair of that ad hoc committee must be endorsed by a vote of the membership at the next Membership Meeting following the Chair's appointment. If the Chair-designate is not endorsed, an election for the Chair position will immediately follow.

ARTICLE VIII. Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Membership and Terms of Office of the Nominating Committee

  1. The nominating committee chairperson is appointed by the President-Elect, before the end of the association year, to serve for the following association year. Committee members are appointed by the committee chairperson.
  2. Members of the nominating committee shall serve for two years, with a minimum of one new members appointed annually.

Section 2. Nomination of Officers

  1. The nominating committee shall prepare annually a slate of one candidate for each vacant office, and announce the single slate prior to the final meeting of the calendar year.
  2. Candidates will be introduced at the last membership meeting of the calendar year. At that time, additional nominations of other candidates will be taken from the floor.

Section 3. Elections

  1. If no additional candidates are nominated during the business portion of the last meeting of the calendar year, the slate will be submitted to the membership at that time for a voice vote.
  2. If any member requests a secret, written ballot, the nominating committee will prepare one.
  3. If additional candidates are nominated, or if a secret ballot is requested, the nominating committee shall prepare a ballot to be distributed to the membership in January. A write-in vote for a qualified member, with no previous nomination, is legal.
  4. Members shall return their marked ballots to the President by an announced date at least three weeks before the first membership meeting of the calendar year.
  5. The nominating committee shall meet before the first membership meeting of the calendar year, at a time and place designated by the nominating committee chairperson. The ballots shall be counted by the nominating committee, in the presence of the President.
  6. New officers shall be notified of their election by the nominating committee chairperson, before the first membership meeting of the calendar year. Formal announcement of the new officers shall be made to members at the first membership meeting of the calendar year.
  7. In the event of a tie, the executive committee will break the tie by another vote.
  8. Special elections for vacancy of President-Elect shall follow the prescribed methodology for regular elections, except that they shall be accomplished as expeditiously as possible, whenever a vacancy occurs.

ARTICLE IX. Authority to Incur Expenses

Operating expenses may be incurred by authorization of a quorum of half, rounded up if needed, of the nine members of the executive committee. Extraordinary expenses must be presented and approved by the majority of voting members at a regular meeting of the association.

ARTICLE X. Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the association in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with theseBylaws, and any special rules of order the association may adopt.

ARTICLE XI. Amendment of Bylaws

These Bylaws may be amended at the annual membership meeting by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting, provided an announcement of proposed amendments has been distributed to members at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.

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