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AHIP (Academy of Health Information Professionals)


AHIP is a credentialing program started by the Medical Library Association to recognize academic preparation, professional experience, and professional accomplishment. Credentialing is different from both certification and licensure. Certification focuses on the attainment of minimal standards; licensure is a legal requirement of certain professions. Academy membership is a designation recognizing the time and effort a health information professional commits to professional development activities. The MLA website has a detailed description of the Academy, benefits of AHIP membership, requirements for membership, fees, portfolios, forms, required documentation, and the application process itself. The site is

Membership Levels

Membership in the Academy is divided into different levels: Provisional, Member, Senior, Distinguished, and Emeritus. Academy membership lasts for 5 years before it must be renewed. Cost for application is:

  • MLA Member, new or renewing $195.00 (US Dollars)
  • Provisional MLA Member, $120.00 (US Dollars)
  • Non- MLA Member, new or renewing, $390.00 (US Dollars)
  • Emeritus, no fee


Do you want to set up a file folder system to organize your AHIP documentation? Would you like to use an Excel spreadsheet file to track and calculate your points toward AHIP membership? Make it easier and more convenient to list your credentials on the AHIP application forms and to submit a complete dossier. Click on the links below to download a label maker file, an Excel spreadsheet to track and total your points, and instructions for using both files:


Marie Reidelbach ( is the MCMLA Credentialing Liaison and is happy to answer questions about the process, the procedure, or the point system. For CCML members who would like to discuss AHIP membership with another CCML member who is member of the Academy, the following CCML members have volunteered to be resource persons: Melissa DeSantis, Lynne Fox, Sara Katsh, Lisa Traditi, and Deb Weaver. Their contact information is available in the CCML Directory. Other AHIP members include Jerry Carlson, Laura Cullerton, and other. (See the complete list at:

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