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Subscribing to the list 

Send a message requesting inclusion to , CCML's List Manager. Please let the List Manager know of any changes to your email address.
New CCML members are added to the list within a few days of joining CCML.

Unsubscribing from the list 

Send a message requesting exclusion to

Sending messages to the list

You must be a member of the list to send to the list. Once you are a list member, send all email messages intended for the list to Hitting "reply to all" on any message sent to this list will reply to all members. Although you are a list member, the list will not automatically send you a copy of your messages. If you wish a copy of your message, remember to CC yourself or look in your "Sent" items.

Purpose and scope

CCML@CUANSCHUTZ.EDU, the Colorado Council of Medical Librarians (CCML) email list is an electronic forum for Colorado and regional medical librarians as a means for communicating with each other regarding items of professional interest. Joining the list is not an automatic process - once you send the subscribe command below, the list administrator will add you within a day or so. The list has a no-spam policy, and advertising by library vendors is not permitted.

Suggested topics for include:

  • CCML business
  • Job postings
  • News about members and their libraries
  • Items of interest to the membership
  • Offers of weeded materials and equipment
  • Requests for assistance with library-related problems or questions

If you apply to join the list and your identity as a CCML member, medical librarian, library staff member, or library student is not apparent, you may be denied access to the list.

Please note: CCML list membership for non-CCML members was approved on a trial basis in April, 2007. In the event of inappropriate use, list membership may at any time be revoked at the discretion of the CCML List Manager or the CCML Board.

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