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February 2022 CCML Member Achievements

16 Feb 2022 1:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Carole Durst successfully earned the Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) level 1 through the Medical Library Association.

Kim O'Neill was awarded Outstanding Affiliate Faculty for the Loretto Heights School of Nursing for 2021

Ellie Svoboda was accepted as a Provisional member of AHIP – the Academy of Health Information Professionals.

Ruby Nugent was selected to participate in the Pilot Training Class on Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) from December and January.  This intensive 40 hour, 5 week course included 15 students and 5 mentors focused on teaching attendees how by learning more about computable applications they can be part of delivering this knowledge and resources to other librarians and healthcare providers. 

Ruby Nugent co-presented at the REFORMA National Conference  with other MLA Latinx Caucus members and academic colleagues outlining a year-long Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Project. This task force was made up of two project teams which conducted  a comprehensive scoping review of Hispanic/Latinx terminology specific to the United States in an effort to capture and recognize the diversity of this population. Based on what they found, they then developed several MeSH and Subject Heading suggestions that were then formally submitted to NLM for consideration.

Emily Peterson will be a Doody’s Core Title selector for 2022.

Alex Austermann created a historical timeline for Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s 125th anniversary and created a new homepage for the library catalog to showcase it. She is currently working on another timeline for research history.


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Weeks, A., Justice, A. V., Nugent, R., Rodriguez, B., & Linares, B. (2021). ¡Presente!: Affirming Latinx voices within health sciences library scholarship. Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA109(4), 693–696.


Melissa Kovac is acknowledged in the following publications:

Beraud, M., Goodhue Meyer, E., Lozano, M., Bah, A., Vassallo, R., & Brown, B. L. (2022). Lessons learned from the use of convalescent plasma for the treatment of COVID-19 and specific considerations for immunocompromised patients. Transfus Apher Sci, 103355.


Sethi, D., Martin, K. E., Shrotriya, S., & Brown, B. L. (2021). Systematic literature review evaluating evidence and mechanisms of action for platelet-rich plasma as an antibacterial agent. J Cardiothorac Surg, 16(1), 277.


New Members

Alex Austermann is a Research Librarian with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. She states that while she doesn’t provide medical information about people, she does provide articles to researchers, biologists and vets about wildlife.

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