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September 2023 CCML Member Achievements

12 Sep 2023 2:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
  • CCML Member Achievements, September 2023



    Congrats to Catisha Benjamin, who renewed her AHIP certification at the Senior level. 


    Catisha Benjamin has been promoted to the Doody’s Library Board of Advisors.


    Carole Durst participated as a List Selector for Doody’s Special Topics Booklist: PTSD and Informed Trauma, published July 2023.


    Carole Durst was also accepted to be trained as a mentor for The Kindred Mamas, a program which has the support of Children's Hospital Colorado. The program helps connect African American women who are new moms with the resources they need, such as hospital and community partner resources and medical information, fosters self-efficacy, and offers emotional support.


    Nina McHale who was selected to receive a Sewell Fund stipend that will allow her to attend the AACP (Amer Assoc of Colleges of Pharmacy) Annual Meeting.


    Congrats to Hannah Pollard who was recently accepted as a member of the Fall 2023 cohort of the Data Services Continuing Professional Education (DSCPE). DSCPE is a ten-week online intensive learning experience geared toward preparing working librarians to provide needed data services.


    Ruby Nugent was selected to enroll in the Fundamentals of Health Data Science course, hosted by the NNLM National Center for Data Services. This 9-week class covers the basics of programming in Python for data science projects in health sciences and enrollment was limited.


    Jensen Fisher was awarded the "Research Support Person of the Year" award by Rocky Vista University on July 17, 2023. This award is given to the research support staff member who has made the most significant contributions to the university's research program. Jensen was recognized for his dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence in research support.


    Publications and Presentations


    Lehn C, Chipman C, Augustine S, Lyon C, DeSanto K. Trigger point injection for low back pain. American Family Physician. 2023;108(1):85-86. PMID: 37440745


    Morse B, Soares A, Kwan BM, Allen M, Lee RS, Desanto K, Holliman BD, Ytell K, Schilling LM. A transgender health information resource: participatory design study. Journal of Medical Internet Research – Human Factors. 2023;10:e42382. PMID: 37318836. doi: 10.2196/42382


    Gates M, Beagle M, Bull L, Radi R, Lyon C, DeSanto K. Does hormone replacement therapy prevent cognitive decline in postmenopausal women? Journal of Family Practice. 2023;72(4):E10-E11. PMID: 37224546. doi:10.12788/jfp.0594

    Tavee J, Brannagan TH 3rd, Lenihan MW, Muppidi S, Kellermeyer L, D Donofrio P; AANEM. Updated consensus statement: Intravenous immunoglobulin in the treatment of neuromuscular disorders report of the AANEM ad hoc committee. Muscle Nerve. 2023 Jul 11. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37432872. doi: 10.1002/mus.27922

    Kondrad E, Westling A, Burke E, Weldon S. Metformin vs. Lifestyle Changes for Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Am Fam Physician. 2023 Apr;107(4):422-423. PMID: 37054421.

    Svoboda E. Creating a Curated Open Educational Resource (OER) Guide on a Health Sciences Campus. Doody’s Core Titles.

    Submitted for publication:


    Lon J Van Winkle, Shane L. Rogers, Bradley O Thornock, Brian D Schwartz, Alexis Horst, Jensen Fisher, and Nicole Michels, "Survey of attitudes toward performing and reflecting on required team service-learning (SASL): Psychometric data and reliability/validity for healthcare professions students in preclinical courses" to be considered for publication in Frontiers in Medicine, section Healthcare Professions Education.


    Jean M. Bouquet, DO, FAWM, FACOFP, Rayyan Naji, Carlos Armas, Valentina Roldan, Shadi Selkhi, Camille Bentley, DO, MPH, FACOFP, Isain Zapata, Ph.D., Jensen Fisher, MLIS, "An Innovative Design for the Vaginal Speculum" to be considered for publication in the Journal of Medical Devices and Research.




    The following paper and lightning talk presentations were given at the annual MLA conference:


  • ·       Hannah Pollard (paper): "An Analysis of Publications Regarding Scholarly Activity Among Osteopathic Education Institutions" with Molly Montgomery, Megan DeArmond and Katie Hoskins
  • ·       Dana Abbey (paper): “Piloting a Buddy Program for New Hires”
  • ·       Dana Abbey (paper): “Mentoring Health Science Library Students: Practices and Perceptions from a Regional Program” with David M. Brown
  • ·       Ellie Svoboda (lightning talk): “Filling the Gaps: Collecting Instruction Data for Meaningful Benchmarking”



New Members

We are happy to welcome Lori Micho as a new member to CCML. Lori is the Special Collections Librarian for the Strauss-Wisneski Indigenous & Integrative Health Collection at Strauss.

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